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For students who want top scores on STEM exams (even if it's a struggle now), Win The Test is a 3-part video series that cracks the code of high performance.

We’ve all met THAT student: the one who leaves the test early and gets the highest grade.

Were students like this just born smarter? That’s what I thought, until the day I accidentally became one. After failing a Spaceflight Engineering midterm at Princeton University, I completely changed my strategy. Two months later, I finished the 3-hour final in just 40 minutes--with a 98%!

You don’t get these results studying the way most people do. Sadly, by just trying to pass, most of us accidentally practice losing, not winning, when we study.

Worse, by cramming before and forgetting everything afterward, we throw away the superpowers we might have had for life. Powers that could open doors and change the world.

You need basic study skills, of course, and I cover those in Episode 1. But to do well in quantitative courses such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), you need special strategies that most study advice completely ignores.

Win The Test is the complete system I used to help myself and others end our lifelong losing streaks and start winning every test. I break down the habits, practices and especially the emotional mindsets you'll need to turn your STEM results around. I give real-world, step-by-step strategies that were battle-tested over nearly four decades. I even indexed everything so you can quickly re-watch and practice any skill you need and get on with your day.

As a special treat, Episode 3 delves into practices that most professors frown on. These not only give you an edge during the test, they're all you need to keep your skills for life (almost nobody knows this, and I show how it can make you literally 120x more productive than your peers in the workplace).

No pressure, but the world needs more smart people. It's time to step up. It's time to start winning. Get the series now, so you can unlock your potential, keep your skills forever and make the biggest possible difference.

Episode 1: Why You Must Win (22:44)

In this episode: Why testing is a sport. Why you must win, not just pass. How to rate your study habits so you can take them to the next level. How to raise your standardized test scores. How to go from failing to becoming “that student” who leaves the exam early with the top score. Why the top schools are actually cheaper than most schools—when you win. The fun way to build focus, logic and empathy every week. Why the best study habit is also the best life habit (not enough students do this).

Episode 2: Practice Winning, Not Losing (28:02)

In this episode: How to use your study time to become so skilled that it's almost like someone else is doing the work for you. Why most students practice losing when they study (and how to practice winning instead). How to shift your identity from super dumb in a subject to super smart with embodied cognition, visualization and neuroplasticity. How to design your practice tests so you'll be more than ready for the real thing. Why you need to celebrate your mistakes. How to use RIMS analysis to unlock giant breakthroughs. How to plan your studies so you never have to cram for a test (and why you’ll rest easy and confident the night before).

Episode 3: Forbidden Practices (33:37)

In this episode: how 3 study practices that professors sneer at can give you an unfair advantage. Where to find the best practice problems and practice tests. How to get your brain back when it crashes on a test. Why feeling “nervous” before a test is a good thing. How to create your own Victory Plan for any test. How just 2 hours of forbidden practice per month can keep all of your college skills sharp for life, and why this will move you to the front of the line for the most prestigious jobs on the planet.

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Kev Polk organized his first test-taking seminar in 1982 and graduated Princeton University with an Astrophysics degree in 1987. He has taught elementary school, middle school, high school and college. He went from failing to 99.7% on a major standardized test in 50 days, and helped countless others make massive improvements in even less time.

Kev also worked in space exploration, partnering with NASA on two Mars missions. In this capacity, he appeared on CNN, the BBC and hundreds of live venues. He has won awards in writing, speaking, app design and community design, and hosts the Edenicity podcast.

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